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Sawing machine/ Cutting service
We can provide the cutting service according to customer’s request in the length/ size. Mainly we use the sawing machine in the cutting service. The customer can purchase the steel round bar or the seamless steel tubes from us and directly we can process the cutting for customer, this way it can save customer’s time and transport cost. Customer also can send the material (round bar or tubes) to us, we also able to process the cutting service to customer.
Chamfer process/ rounding chamfer process

We can able to provide the chamfer process to customer according to customer’s request in chamfer, angle. We use chamfer machine and lathe in chamfer/ rounding chamfer process.

We are able to process the inner and outside chamfer for the seamless steel tubes, steel tubes, and outside chamfer process for the round bar. Also we can provide the steel tubes length adjustment service.

Drilling process/ fraising process/ reaming process

Special own design machine for provide the round bar drill process, seamless steel tube aperture adjustment or reaming process. We can able to provide the aperture adjustment before the nuts or bolts send to the thread tapping process.

Rolling mark service

We have special rolling mark machine and able to provide the service to the customer for roll the mark/ logo on the round columnar or tubes. Therefore the customer no need to purchase the rolling mark machine just only for few time use, simply send the workpieces to Wei June and we will do the rolling mark for customer.

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